Emily and Thomas's Outdoorsy Engagement Session

I‘m so excited to share Emily and Thomas super cute engagement session with you guys! I love when my couples get creative and really think their engagement session through by starting an inspiration board. The best way to start is by creating a Pinterest Board with Pins that reflect your personalities. If you love photography, maybe pin some Vintage cameras, or if you love to read, pin some books, library photos, reading glasses etc. These Pins will form a base for your engagement Theme, and lots of ideas will come out of them. Emily and Thomas wanted an outdoor themed Engagement session that represented their personalities and their relationship along with their love for the outdoors.

Emily happens to be super creative and brought some adorable props to our session including custom pillows, a pick-up truck for some snuggling pictures, a fishing boat, and their dog! Fun Moment of the day: We rushed to get on the fishing boat to catch the sunset on the lake and got pretty wet on our way there! The boat cruised at full speed to catch the last slivering of the sun as it set on the horizon. It was a warm and windy day, but the sky was blue with just a few passing clouds. It was really a blast and the pictures are just as fun and adorable. Hope you enjoy their sneak peek!