Internationally Published Wedding Photographer


Let’s Get to Know Each Other…


Traveler. Vegetarian. Dog-Lover. Entrepreneur.

Hello! My name is Denisse, and I would be honored to be your photographer.

 I’ve been an Orlando wedding photographer since 2012, but you probably came here to learn more about who I am behind the camera.

My life as a photographer started in New York City. I absolutely loved living in New York because of my second love—fashion. I moved to Orlando from NYC to pursue my photography career and to spread my wings and experience a different part of the country.

When I’m not spending my time capturing beautiful moments for my clients, you can find me chowing down on Vegan tacos, at the park with my adorable dog Bindi, at a Yoga studio practicing my headstands, traveling to a new city or country—despite my fear of flying, running my lifestyle blog, or teaching photography to up-in-coming photographers.

What’s It Like to Work with Me


If you’re on the hunt for a professional Orlando wedding photographer, there is probably a lot running through your mind.

 “What kind of pictures do I want?” “What about lighting?” “Our wedding is outside of the city, what if I can’t find someone who travels?”

While it is most certainly one of the most important days of your life, planning your wedding can also be stressful. That’s why I try my best to offer you a calm and enjoyable experience. I am also happy to travel if your wedding is not in Orlando (I’ve happily traveled to India and Europe and countless spots in the US.)


For me, every client is more than just a job. When you hire me as your wedding photographer, I get to know your likes, dislikes, what you think is funny, the story behind how you fell in love, and what makes you smile. That connection helps me create images you’ll cherish forever. In fact, that’s my entire goal.

I also want your experience with me to be memorable every step of the way. From sending my clients gifts and ‘thank you’ cards, to informative guides, I make sure they are 100% prepared when the big day arrives.

My Wedding Photography Style


My style is editorial, timeless and artistic, with a luxurious feel. I’m obsessed with lighting. In fact, I love playing with studio lighting, no matter how small a photo shoot may be. I also have extensive knowledge of high-end commercial lighting, high-end retouching, and standard lighting styles. There is no lighting scenario that I cannot tackle with grace and beauty.

However, most importantly, I thrive on connecting with my clients on a personal level. Time and again, this connection comes through my photographs with images that are authentic to their personality (visit my Blog to view some real weddings!). I would love to do the same for you.

 I am so thankful for my job and wouldn’t have it any other way.

When you’re ready to hire a wedding photographer, I would love to chat!